Stefan Panfili

I’m a photographer born in Chisinau and raised in Bucharest, with a degree in journalism and a great interest in the aesthetics of the beauty. My photographic areas of interest are musical artists, corporate visual identity and event photography.

During University, I’ve started working at a national newspaper (Romania libera), in the economics department – agriculture and energy. Both fields enriched my knowledge of both Romanian and international economics and taught me how to talk to people.

It also paved the way for my future career as a photographer. When I was 21, my dad gave me his camera and I started documenting visually my newspaper stories. One thing led to another, and I started buying new lenses, flashes and experimenting a little more with photography.

After 1 year of working as a reporter in the energy sector of the Romanian industry, the public relations department of a Kazakh oil&gas giant noticed me at a press conference. Being the only person there who spoke Romanian, English and Russian, I was able to communicate with everybody with ease and make an impression.

What followed was a period of 3 and a half years as a spokesperson for Rompetrol, one of the largest companies in Romania. It was a truly remarkable journey, where I understood how the oil&gas industry worked. Petromidia, the crown jewel of Rompetrol (a large refinery by the sea), made me fall in love with industrial photography.

At 25, my appetite for creating my own company became insatiable, thus I joined forces with a friend and opened Matematika. The company was specialized in studio photography, mostly products and models. After almost 3 years of very diverse photographic and film projects, I decided to focus on musical artist photography. This decision took me to Vienna, Austria, my next professional destination.

They call it “the capital of classical music” for good reasons – from the sounds of the city, it seemed there is a classical musician in every block of flats. It was an amazing transition, to a place that breathes emotion and artistic inspiration. In the two years spent in Vienna, I photographed close to 50 followers of the arts (mostly musicians) and understood better the concept of western diplomacy.

Even though my career started to grow in Vienna, I was always feeling the call for my slightly wild Latin lands. With this in my mind, I returned to Bucharest to work with a friend in the marketing department of Rompetrol. The one year spent there was eye-opening in many ways and gave me the power and confidence to restart my career in Romania.

Now, I’m working as a freelancer in Bucharest, Romania. Who knows what I’ll add to my biography in a few years?