The People of Vienna – Episode 11

Besides it being a necessity for the survival of all life, nutrition can also become a strong symbol of hope, unity and social progress. It brings people together, it makes them happy, and it allows them to share their feelings, thoughts and dreams. In the 3rd district of Vienna, between Rennweg and the Landstraßer Gürtel, a new place burger placed opened recently, where one can find good food, good people and good conversations.

The name of the place, “Sun of a Bun”; the manager, Charlie Morris. Born in New York, from Georgian descent, Charlie shared that he has been working in the restaurant business for a while, while his passion is entertainment, especially singing. “Where do I find hope? In my family: my wonderful wife and my beautiful 3 children”.

After taking a very long break, Charlie was the first person whom I interviewed and photographed for the “The People of Vienna” project. Therefore, mesmerised by the mouth-watering smells in the restaurant, and the growling in my stomach, I just took away my delicious burger and left without asking Charlie anything else.

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