The People of Vienna – Episode 8

Vienna has many similarities to the social dynamics of a large village – there is barely any night-life, almost all stores are closing at 19:00 on weekdays, it’s quite probable you’ll meet or see someone you know while out, around the city. The difference between Bucharest and Vienna is staggering when it comes to how lively the these two societies are – Bucharest is never fully asleep, while Vienna is early in bed.

However, even close to midnight, there still are a few fast-food boutiques opened in Vienna, especially in areas with a larger influx of tourists. One of the Vienna wurst-chefs is Gerry, a formidable man, with a radiant positivity and friendly character.

He manages to find hope in every day he wakes up, while “each day the Earth turns is a reason to be happy”. Gerry loves the most how different everything is, while saying that “is hard not to love something when it so fascinating is”.

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